Top Tips to get the Most from Your Presentation

Some of the below may seem obvious, but this is what we're told when we ask for our customer's advice and we love to share the tips and help everyone squeeze every bit of value from their promotion.

Arrive early

1. Arrive as early as you can (check your Promotional Space confirmation form for details). This will ensure you get set up in time for all of the customers and that you get the best possible space.

Be seen

2. Make sure your brand is seen. Pop-up banners, stands, tablecloths, shirts, jackets... get your brand printed on as many things as possible.

Be clear

3. Have a clear message. Make it obvious to everyone passing what you're promoting and why they should stop to talk to you.

Engage with customers

4. Engage with the customers. Smile, be friendly and make sure people leave your stand feeling good. Incredibly obvious and always worth remembering.

Collect details

5. Be ready to collect customer details. Every name and email address you collect is a potential customer. Whether on an Ipad or paper, make it easy for people to leave their details.

Make it memorable

6. Have something to give the customer. Make sure they remember you and let them know all of the ways that they can contact you and find out more (website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, phone number).